SAP BW 7.50 is the last release that can also be operated on a non-HANA database. Since the HANA database is a technical requirement for new developments in many aspects, there is no more innovation in SAP BW and the release has gone into maintenance mode. With SAP BW / 4HANA, SAP has therefore created a new product that on the one hand only runs on the HANA database and on the other can make optimal use of this new technical platform. In doing so, SAP BW / 4HANA was freed of historically grown ballast and thus streamlined and modernized.

SAP BW / 4HANA offers a reduction in complexity in various areas: the number of layers in the architecture can be reduced, the number of different object types has been significantly reduced and the source system types have been standardized more closely. These simplifications offer the user greater security and sustainability in modeling and require less expertise for special cases.

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Switching from SAP BW to SAP BW / 4HANA is not an easy upgrade because SAP BW / 4HANA no longer contains certain object types (such as InfoCubes or DSOs). There are therefore three procedures to get to SAP BW / 4HANA:

  • Rebuilding the BW models. This is only possible for new BW customers.
  • Migration of the BW models from old to new object types in a SAP BW 7.50 release. Here the migration takes place piece by piece in the system until the system no longer contains any old object types and can then be converted.
  • Remote migration of the BW models In this case, migration tools convert the BW models into new object types by transport. In this case, the source system from the BW release can be less than 7.50 (down to 7.00).