SAP Business Warehouse

Best Run“ – for your entire enterprise!

With the SAP Business Warehouse, SAP makes available to you one of the leading enterprise data warehousing platforms that can be installed on all common database systems. SAP BW provides interfaces for all SAP applications and external data sources as well as for the data integration and data quality tool „SAP BusinessObjects Data Services“.

The use of standard content and best practice models makes it possible for you to design and implement a complete data warehousing landscape in only a very short period of time. In addition, highly complex and individually coordinated ETL scenarios can be tailored to meet your specific requirements thanks to the availability of several different applications (e.g. DataStore objects, InfoCubes and Virtual Provider). Data transformation can be extended with ABAP coding, thus offering extraordinary flexibility.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is available to you in Excel as well as in the web thanks to the SAP Business Explorer or thanks to the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite. Reading times are reduced thanks to optimized data access based on aggregates or the use of the SAP Business Warehouse Accelerators. In a nutshell: The use of SAP Business Warehouse is a „best-run“ – for the entire company!

  • Rebuilding the BW models. This is only possible for new BW customers.
  • Migration of the BW models from old to new object types in a SAP BW 7.50 release. Here the migration takes place piece by piece in the system until the system no longer contains any old object types and can then be converted.
  • Remote migration of the BW models In this case, migration tools convert the BW models into new object types by transport. In this case, the source system from the BW release can be less than 7.50 (down to 7.00).