Roadmap SAP Analysis for Office

With SAP’s Roadmap and current convergence of client applications, Analysis for Office is strongly positioned as an essential tool for data management in SAP systems – no longer just for data analysis, but increasingly also for reporting and planning.

This makes SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office a future-proof application. It is continuously improving and can easily be integrated into existing planning and reporting processes. Aside from its wide range of features, a major advantage of Analysis for Office is the flexibility it offers.

Custom Calculation

From Analysis Version 2.2 onwards, users can create custom calculations that remain consistent during updates and navigation.

This applies not only to simple calculations (e.g. divisions), but also to more advanced Excel functionality (e.g. IF … THEN … ELSE).

IBCS and Corporate Design

Analysis for Office is also continuously improving as a reporting tool. For instance, with a little help, you can now create table layouts in accordance with the IBCS (International Business Communication Standard).